Elimination of passions


Human life is like Heaven. The sky has no end.

So why is man not eternal?

Passions in abundance affect his heart, many things that are inherent in man. The Qi of a person comes out of him and death comes.

In peace there are no passions. If there are no passions, then you are imperturbable and no thoughts can disturb your heart.

The heart is the most disturbed.

Taoist masters remove everything when passion arises.

Change the heart inside and outside.

  • Do not let loose thoughts
  • Do not worry about greedy requests
  • Do not bother about business
  • Do not raise doubts and distrust.

If you follow this, then the fire will not rise and the metal will melt, the soil will prosper, and the water will rise up and the wind will be eliminated – all diseases will disappear.