Sudan Khan

Channelings received on the channel with the Ambirial Teachers


May the light come!

For we began to speak of ourselves as a clear light all acts of light transform us and you.

Please accept this message for you.

We designate the actions that need to be performed in your world. This is the first thing that you need to understand, how deep is the meaning of what is happening to you at this moment.

It is insignificant what needs to be understood as the lowest forms of manifestation in your world. Understanding what is happening will help you to achieve enlightenment itself. Your action is important in this being, precisely because many of you have awakened and are moving in the direction in which you were given earlier. We are with you and will help you in your affairs. Don’t hesitate.

Accept the information that we convey in these words, since it is very important to understand this now.

With the arrival of the seventh Symbol on Earth, it will surpass all previous symbols. Understand the importance of this structure, since the law of being initially operates. The Almighty longs for your actions, for the good and light of the whole world. The property of what is happening has not yet been regulated as it should. Be attacked from the outside, as many do not like what you are doing. Help your neighbors as much as you can: with words, prayer, it is hard for many now.

Forget what previously interested and disturbed you. Pay attention to this force that goes to you and cleanses you so much that sometimes your body can bear it hard. But cheer up, we will help you overcome that too.

Many other Forces also work with you, about which you do not need to know yet, but they are from the Higher Castes.

That’s all.

We are the Ambirials.



Let the light come!

We will help you understand the whole essence of being, what you should have achieved.

Initially, the word was said by God, then the created worlds and the universe. It is frantic to understand everything that was not so created by the Almighty. His hand is everywhere and fills everyone like liquid.

Initially, think how the Higher Intelligence infiltrates you and moves the layers of ignorance, realizing yourself as a particle of God on Earth, you will achieve enlightenment. To achieve the sensation of mental creation, it is important to reason on this topic, since it is moved by the original flow of Light and Time, which for you acts differently as time itself.

Accept the rationale, the foundation of what should have been studied, how a certain gaze falls on the smooth steppe, penetrating into every blade of grass, increasing the sparkle in the eyes, from the grains of the race that falls on the foliage. Understand, you are God-like and beautiful! Love yourself as much as possible, and we are not talking about selfishness, but about the purest form of love for oneself as a part of God on Earth, embodied in these bodies, created by the one who rules the Worlds and helps to realize oneself as a light that seeps through in the darkness from afar.

Study verbal chants and mantras, they will help you to align your vibrations and clear the main channels for further action in this world.

That’s all.

We are the Ambirials