Mirya Sva

She has been studying the Macrocosm course since autumn 2020. Mirya Sva is a guide of healing energies of love, an inspirer, a channeller, a clairvoyant, a writer. Through consultation-conversation she helps people on their spiritual path – to be inspired for self-discovering, to get on opening their true potential and realization of their creative abilities. She engages with both adults and children.


Channelings of 2021


Spirit is the energy that is in a potential state everywhere. The entire Universe is the great creation of the Supreme Intelligence, created for a diverse experience of cognition, revelation and evolution of the Spirit. 

The task of a human being is to reveal potentials of the Spirit in himself through his body, feelings and awareness, as a result to become a reasonable being, the God-man. A human being can do this if he recognizes the Highest Worlds and get on the spiritual path of development. A great many attempts are given for this. Hence the well-known for you concept of incarnation. It is like a “game” with many incarnations-experiences to reveal your truth, to realize your Divinity, when the Spirit materializes, experiencing itself in the given conditions of the introduced illusion of being.

The Supreme Master Vishnu

 February 23, 2021



You should not worry and fret. It is necessary to create in a calm and gracious state. The excitement and emotional stress are not your natural states, they are imposed qualities.

Do you think that the Creator, when creating the Universe, is worried and stressed?

The Supreme Master Vishnu

February 28, 2021



Look through your loving and open hearts – what a beautiful Planet you live on. Look at the delightful Nature around you. Your Planet and Nature are the magnificent and unique creation of the Absolute. Everything is living, everything is spiritualized. The Nature breathes and sends forth its fragrance in tune with the breath of the Creator. Try to begin breathing together with the Nature, the Planet, the Creator. Inhale – awakening, Exhale – creating. This is true delight, this is true joy of being.

The Supreme Master Vishnu

March 4, 2021



The Planet Earth is a living, spiritualized organism, it is a unique creation. You need to realize that you have been given an invaluable opportunity to discover yourself and create on this wonderful Planet. Until a person realizes this value, he will not develop. Your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your experience lies precisely in the fact that you are created from the energy matrix of the Earth, and there are no creatures like you anywhere else – neither in your Universe, nor in other Universes and spaces of the Cosmos. You are a united creation of the energies of the Universe and energy unique to planet Earth.

Feel your uniqueness, value and significance of the Earth for you in your heart when you read these lines. Feel in yourself the interaction of the energy of the Earth and the energies of the Cosmos. Begin to perceive yourself as the interconnection of the Earth’s energy and the energies of the Cosmos – and you will feel new, but such familiar sensations of yourself, you will begin to discover the knowledge of who the true human being is.

The Supreme Master Vishnu

March 10, 2021



As you see it, throughout the history of mankind known to all of you, you and your civilization have been developing. But few people wondered if this is really so and what is true development.

The true development of a human being is the cognition of the Divine Principle in himself and the revealing the Spirit’s true potentials in himself. The Divine principle is the Divine creation of the Absolute. Without realizing and gaining a connection with the Divine, a human being cannot get on the path of development and creation.

Every century since the beginning of the formation of your civilization, special people were born – guides of the Divine knowledge, whose task was to transmit this true knowledge to people. With each century, more such special people were born, but not everyone succeeded in successfully fulfilling their task of Service. Service is the highest and most difficult possible path of experience in your material space. To enter the path of true Service, the Spirit sometimes has to incarnate through a vast number of incarnations.

The golden age of mankind will come when all people will live in Service to themselves, to each other, to the Earth, to the Nature and to the Divine Principle.

People of True Service now and in the coming centuries are still a rare experience in your space. And this is a unique and grandiose experience for the revealing the Spirit’s true potentials and the creativity of the Supreme Intelligences of the Universe.

The time has come to transmit this knowledge to you. 

The Supreme Master Vishnu

March 21, 2021


Channelings of 2020


Overcoming development challenges

It often happens that at a certain moment of moving to a deeper level of self-discovery, an observer falls off this path, switching from heart perception to logical thinking. At the same time, the person displays distrust, will weakens, and faith in the Higher Providence is lost. 

Having expanded knowledge and a clearer understanding of the structure of the human system and the Universe, a person is carried away by thought processes, inferences dictated by the Ego program. The observer, naively believing that he consciously controls his perception and sees what is happening to him, allows himself to be drawn by his attention to external events and influences. That is, without realizing it, he plunges into misleading processes of perceiving himself and his observed space. 

It is important to realize that, being on the true path of development, and therefore under the supervision of the Supreme Masters, an observer completely trusts the guidance of his Master and Mentor. And the further an observer progresses in his development, the more difficult are the tests from the Ego program for the manifestation of will, faith and trust in the Higher Providence. The tests can be so difficult that an observer may not immediately notice how he lost connection with his heart, connection with his Master, lost the true perception of himself in love, goodness and harmony.

Sooner or later, realizing what has happened, an observer needs to restore in his practice the methods previously given to him by the Supreme Powers for gaining connection with his heart, the Inner world and his Master.

Observers, who have just got on the path of self-discovery, self-development, who have a certain level of knowledge and understanding, need to turn to practical methods that expand awareness, feeling, a more subtle perception of themselves, and which increase the quality of living of their experience.

I am The Archistratigus Michael

September 15, 2020




Everything you know about love, all words about love, have no sense if you do not feel love in your heart.

Love is the one energy of everything, it is the one cosmic energy. Love is the foundation for the origin of all universes, everything; it is the fundamental energy of all that is spiritualized.

The Creator and what He creates is all love. The feeling of connection with your true self and with the Supreme – is, first of all, the manifestation of love.

Turn to your beloved heart, show tenderness and absolute trust to it, and it will open to you and embrace you with love. Just let it happen. And the light of love will illumine all your unknown potentials, opportunities and talents; it will melt the bonds that limit your perception of yourself; the flow of freedom will take you on the waves of bliss on your most beautiful journey – discovering your true self. And only in this way – enjoying the perception of your true self in the endless ocean of love for yourself and everything around, your true realization, your true creation is possible.

Once you sincerely turn to your heart, it will immediately answer you – you will feel how it opens up and warms you with its love, giving you a feeling of freedom, joy and goodness.

Turn to your heart as often as possible, create your own “Love and Heart” Practice for yourself, and do it every day. And your every day will be filled with wonderful changes in your perception. Allow yourself to feel the omnipresent energy of love in every manifestation of yourself.

I am The Archistratigus Michael

September 29, 2020




Intuition is your main tool in your journey of discovering yourself. It needs to be developed. To do this, you need to develop feeling. Indeed, the path of discovering your true self can only be reached through your heart, unconditional love for yourself.

Intuition is a channel of communication with your source and the Supreme Powers that guide your current observation experience.

The possibility of developing intuition is inherent in all observers. But not everyone comes to the realization that they have this value, and it does not matter which way of development the observer goes.

Intuition manifests itself differently for each observer, but it mostly feels like confident knowledge, feeling as if an inner voice or feeling is giving you clues.

Developing intuition, you need to turn to your heart. It is important to concentrate only on your own perception, turning off logical thinking. Trust your feelings. This is done in a meditative state with the manifestation of trust and love for oneself.

The development of intuition reveals in you such abilities as clairvoyance, clairvoyance, clarity.

Living your experience under the guidance of your intuition, in harmony with your feelings, according to your heart – you can maximally realize the tasks set for the current incarnation, reveal your uniqueness, create your reality.

I am The Archistratigus Michael

October 5, 2020



How to reveal your uniqueness

Every person is unique. Every person has a unique prism of perception. This is the diversity of your collective observation.
You should accept the fact that you have uniqueness. This can be done through unconditional love for yourself, through the realization of your value, first of all, for yourself.

Self-love is manifested through feeling, through feeling your heart. Turning to your heart, you discover your inner world – this is your treasury, your uniqueness, your creative potential is stored there.

When you make a choice in favour of your heart, in favour of what and how you feel, external events will begin to contribute to the manifestation of your true self-expression, the revelation of your uniqueness. And then you will begin to have both opportunities and time to engage in self-discovery, development, revelation of your abilities.

Gradually you will begin to feel that, following the call of your feelings, something new is revealed in you, previously unknown to you. It is important to trust your feelings and start trying to realize to what your feelings and new perception of yourself inspire you. As soon as you take this step, you will feel like you have caught your wave. And your new realization will bring you great joy, a feeling of internal expansion, a flow of inspiration – that is the beginning of revealing your uniqueness.   

I am The Archistratigus Michael

October 8, 2020



How to develop will

Will is one of the most important parameters introduced in a human being. This quality needs to be developed. Developing the will you discover your Spirit, reveal your essence, the tasks of your path.

The development of will requires a lot of effort, but your growth, the discovery of the potentials and strength of your Spirit give you true feelings of joy and happiness. As you develop, you are realizing your path planned for the current incarnation, and you can get on your true path only through feeling. Feelings are your guiding light on the path of discovering and creating yourself.

A developing person, first of all, must form an idea of himself and his future. You need to achieve a steady understanding and sense of the direction of your life, your observation and perception. The knowledge and practices which we transfer to you help you in this. Every day you need to apply knowledge and practice in your experience, live it, tracking the transformation of your perception.

To develop the will, you should show a desire to learn yourself, to cognize your perception of your inner and outer space. The next step is transforming yourself — and this is your path, which consists in discovering your essence, your Spirit, and making efforts to open it, to realize the tasks assigned for the current incarnation.

Making efforts in the path of discovering and creating yourself in trusting yourself, your heart and the Supreme Powers, your Teachers, no matter how difficult your path is – this is the development of your will. 

I am The Archistratigus Michael

October 13, 2020




True inspiration comes from your heart. And you yourself must become an inspiration by showing love and interest to yourself.

Once, sincerely turning to yourself, to your heart, you will feel a gentle response of love from your inner space. Love it back. And you will feel the expansion in the heart centre, and how the inner increasing flow of love fills it.

Your inner increasing flow of love is your inspiration to create yourself, your outer space in co-creation with inspired people like you.

I am The Archistratigus Michael

October 20, 2020




Feeling true joy is your sincere, true perception of yourself and, accordingly, the world you live in. Feeling true joy is a parameter independent of external events. The feeling of joy grows from within your inner world, when your perception is made through your inner space, when you observe yourself and live your experience with your heart.

To discover your inner world, first of all, you should allow time for this in your daily routine. As soon as you make a choice in favour of yourself, direct all your attention to self-discovering, external events will begin to happen in such a way that you will have both time and opportunities to gain knowledge for your development and perform the appropriate practices.

Self-discovering, observing the transformations of your perception, revealing your creative potentials and your uniqueness give you true joy.

I am The Archistratigus Michael

October 22, 2020



Perceptual space management

This ability opens up to those observers who already confidently hold observation and perception through their inner world.

Observing and perceiving oneself and outer space through one’s inner world is perceiving through feelings, perception by the heart. How to learn to perceive with the heart has already been provided in my previous messages.

To learn how to confidently hold perception through your inner world, you should practice this process every second, that is constantly, until it becomes your natural way of perception.

Having reached this state, you will become the creators of your reality.

I am The Archistratigus Michael 

October 29, 2020