After completing the course “Macrocosm”, you will find answers to your questions, you will learn how the Universe works, how a human being is arranged, what awareness is and how to live consciously, how to influence events and how to change them. Variety of unknown things will be opened to you.

The basic course “Macrocosm” is held online. You receive learning materials to be studied. The course is 6 months of study. Further you will have the opportunity to study the course “Microcosm”.

In general, the course “Macrocosm” is intended for intensive self-development, and not for mental “tourists”. From lesson to lesson, special breathing and body techniques, which are received from the Supreme Powers, are given with increasing strain of their execution during the day. This will prepare the student’s energy body for the Course-2 – “Microcosm”, where his latent abilities will begin unfolding intensively.

This will help him to enter direct channels of communication with the Supreme Powers and the Masters of the Higher Spheres. The following abilities will be revealed in the student:

  • healing abilities of treating people directly and even at a distance,
  • clairvoyance, unlimited entering the future / past,
  • clairaudience: Nature Spirits, the Supreme Powers,
  • mind reading at any distance (telepathy),
  • access to other worlds through a special type of body techniques, breathing and meditation techniques,
  • building new energy structures for new spaces,
  • illusion management, etc.

If you have questions or would like to sign up for the course, email us: