Children talking

We went for a walk with the children. It was a sunny day and the children wanted to swim in the sea. It is said that “this is how they bathe.” And once the younger son Joseph said:

  • Mom, let’s go to the playground?
    I agreed.
    My sons played with other children. A girl of about eight years old came to the playground and began to specifically demonstrate how flexible she is, she knows how to sit on the twine. And everything around John and Joseph circled. Noticing that the boys were not paying attention to her, she came up to me. I immediately praised her for her flexibility. The girl seemed to be waiting for this.

Then she ran to the children again, boasting that she had a small role in the children’s theater. She played the Beast. And the girl immediately changed, portraying the Beast: her voice became monstrously terrible, her eyes burned with malice. She went on and went on laughing ominously. Joseph calmly turned to her and asked:

  • Why are you behaving like that? Why are you so actively expressing such an evil emotion?

I looked at her carefully and asked:

  • Can you portray good, love?

The girl suddenly froze, widened her eyes and could not say anything. Then her mother appeared and harshly interrupted our conversation. Dejectedly, the girl walked after, all the time turning in our direction.
My sons and I had hope: “Let something bright and colorful, wonderful and creative from our meetings with them remain in the hearts of the children. After all, these children are the future of the planet. And they came here from above so that we, parents, could see Divine Love in them.

Sheykhala Dareman