Children speak the truth. Fairy tales

Light candles in your heart

Today is a wonderful day that will never change and will remain wonderful forever. And then one day Pinocchio came, and after him came a wooden man who was a friend of Pinocchio.

Pinocchio went to look for water to drink and found a bottle of water on which was written “Joseph.” After he had cooled down with water, he took 10 candles and started lighting them in his parents’ room, in his room, in the hall, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and also on the roof. And the whole house lit up! And we lit the candles because there is no light in the houses.

In the morning Pinocchio put on his socks and his wonderful shoes and went to school. And his older brother went on an excursion.

Children! If you have a place to light candles, light them, because there is no light in the world. And if you have lit them, then your hearts will glow.

Joseph, 5 years old

Hello! I am a man, and my name is John, or simply Ivan.
One day I went outside and saw a shine.

  • Mom, are you here? Have you seen the sky? It’s beautiful and orange.
  • Yes, John. The sky is beautiful, and it will rain soon.

After the rain, a rainbow came out, which symbolizes love, friendship and magic. People have already begun to love each other. And after that they will be able to love the Earth, to stand in its union.

John, 7 years old