Back to yourself


A person is not just in his mind, he takes care of his well-being, calling this type of life “spiritual transformation”, emphasizing that he lives in the so-called love. This is far from true.
Worrying about worldly things and doing worldly things causes you to lose the energy that should surround the heart.

Lack of energy “closes” your heart and you stop hearing it.

A person is guided by his mind, he coordinates all his assessments of the situation and actions on the basis of his mental conclusions. Persistence of the mind – that’s what can be detrimental to any person.

* Calm your mind and start looking into the distance. Peace of mind must begin to be pursued very actively by you. This will help you practice “Cold Heart”, which are aimed at managing emotions and calming the mind.

*Start talking to your heart, send love to it. The practice of “Goodness” will help to envelop your heart with energy and “open” it.

* Your main task is to listen to yourself, your heart. The heart will indicate where to move, what to do, how to think and what to think.

Come back to yourself and live within yourself.

Let all these recommendations be your motto in the coming days, months and years.