About the life direction in 2021


To get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee, to listen to the world news and to go to life, thinking that you are living ..

What is the life for you? Both your holidays and your life are for us an imperceptible flash – all these are planed for years, decomposed into days and minutes.

Take a piece of paper, draw: “I was born, studied, got married, gave birth to children, gave them to other families, got old, and now it’s the end.”

Write down where in this list are those minutes, those days and those years that you spent for the real meaning of life?

What is it – the real meaning of life?

Open the notebook again and write:

  •  I am waiting for sound of my heart, what will it tell me?
  • I hear new vibrations of blood.. In a couple of days I may become weaker and I need special breathing, special body practices, a special type of diet or special abstinence from food. And also I need meditations on my highest Aspect. In this case, the disease – which, in one way or another, is embedded in my bodily stay on the Earth – will begin to fade away and I will extend my life for another couple of years.

Look, in this form, life will begin to have not just meaning, but a bunch of those milestones that do not exist in your first “I was born-I died” list. If you decompose your life in this way, then the most important changes – ups or downs – will be in your hands, and not just suddenly fall on you from the corner like a brick to the head.

Wisdom is a part of me embedded in the cells of your DNA. Each atom vibrates, hears me, worries if the owner of the body does not use the priceless gift:

  • to hear vibrations of the Cosmos,
  • to hear vibrations of wind,
  • to hear vibrations of the Supreme Master’s voice,
  • to hear vibrations of water in your body and vibrations of a river, sea and ocean ..

There is so much that is sublime in you and around you.

Therefore, to say “Happy New Year!” this is to say nothing.

And if you say: “Happy new awakened day, happy new awakened month, happy new awakened year!” – this means to wake up and live. Isn’t that what you wish, holding a glass of drinks at night?


This will be my wish for you on the eve of the greatest and most quickly flashed year of your life.

I bless you for the changes that began yesterday.

I am the Great Master of the Universe

The channeller: Sohanji

December 30, 2020